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What is i3Media?

i3Media, LLC was founded by David Bolton, Jr. in August of 2008, and is one of the leading Front-End Development, User Experience (UX) design, Agile consulting, web design and educational game development companies in Texas.

We are the ideation, integration and innovation trifecta for digital experiences. Our team produces high-quality user-experiences, web/mobile development, 3D animations, educational games, and custom software applications. We specialize in creating interactive products and visualizations to illustrate difficult subject matter. We also develop, produce, and license our own video games for entertainment and education.

We do more than just provide production services: we team with our clients and business partners to create appealing and engaging stories that align perfectly with our clients’ vision, message, and goals.

Design Driven

ideate - integrate - innovate

UX/UI Design

Serving small-business, government, and commercial Fortune 500 companies.

custom wordpress

Web design and custom WordPress development using PHP, React JS, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, etc.

3D/2D Animation

Motion Graphics, Motion Capture and 3D/2D Animation production experience.


Custom LMS / CMS with SCORM & xAPI compliant training using AR/VR technology.

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